Amazing Dive - Lembeh Indonesia

“One of the richest areas of marine diversity in the world, Lembeh diving is perfect for lovers of all critters great and small! Along the strait’s 12 kilometers are packed an uncountable number of rare critters : octopuses, frogfishes, shrimps, nudibranchs and seahorses — at more than 40 Lembeh dive sites between the mainland of North Sulawesi and Lembeh Island!”

Upcoming Dive Lembeh Trips

Lembeh dive trips with Amazing Dive are awesome! We are right by your side from Singapore all the way till we check into the resort at Lembeh and return back to Singapore. Being dive professionals ourselves, we will ensure that your Lembeh dive trip is safe and fun. Wanna dive at beautiful Lembeh? We’ll personally liaise with all the travel and dive operators to save you the hassle. Should you face any hiccups along the way, the Amazing dive crew is there to fix it and make your Lembeh dive trip fun and enjoyable.

Best Time to Dive Lembeh

By virtue of the unique geographic location, Lembeh diving is fantastic year-round. Although there can be strong currents running through the Strait at some points of the day, there are always areas which are protected and comfortable to dive at Lembeh. Lembeh is also protected from big swells and most of the monsoon winds, which makes it diveable all year round.There can be swells during January and February in the north of the Strait which makes it difficult to dive the true coral sites at times. The swells subside in March and it is easier to photograph micro sealife, such as Pontohi pygmy seahorse in the shallows. March to May, the weather is generally good to dive all around the Lembeh Island. During this time we have the best luck to see a whale shark or even a whale. There are skipjack tuna schooling on the outer side of Lembeh.April to October is considered as the best critter season. The visibility is lower and the temperature drops down gradually to 24- 26 degrees Celsius in July, which may be why there are more critters. Examples of sealife we found during this time are: Hairy frog fish, robust ghost pipefish and cephalopods. July is also the months mimic octopus are seen and you might be able to see some mating.

Recommended Experience Level for Diving in Lembeh

Lembeh has over forty dive sites, catering to all levels of divers, from beginners to experienced divers, from Open Water Diver to Dive Professionals. That being said, you would want to maximise the time you spend diving at Lembeh. One of our crew once spent 45 minutes of the night dive hovering at the same spot, watching a couple of mandarinfish mating. With so many cool critters to be observed, it’s the perfect time to use your nitrox certification. Nitrox tanks are available at the Lembeh dive centre.

Accommodation on Lembeh

YOS Dive Lembeh @ LembehYos Dive Lembeh is one of the most highly-rated resorts on Lembeh. Every time a trip is planned, we look forward to staying at Yos Dive Lembeh. What we love best about this resort is how welcome we are made to feel. It truly feels like being at home away from home! From the personalized meals to the very careful way the dive crew handle our gear, each visit back to Yos Dive Lembeh is eagerly anticipated. The staff are well-trained and extremely helpful, and the rooms are spacious and clean. A small but thoughtful touch is the many power outlets in each room, perfect for photographers.

Resort Representative is waiting at the arrival hall at the airport. He or she will be holding a sign board with your name. They will assist with your luggage and escort you to our transfer vehicles. The total transfer time is between 1.5 and 2 hours so if you need to use the restroom, please do so inside the arrival hall.

  • Fully air-conditioned bedrooms
  • Ceiling fans
  • En-suite Balinese-style (open air) bathrooms.
  • Bathrooms have either a bathtub & shower or two showers with plenty of hot & cold water.
  • Custom blended shower gel & shampoo made from therapeutic essential oils.
  • Locally inspired furnishings
  • Mini bar
  • Complimentary tea & coffee-making facilities
  • Personal safe
  • Laundry service

Lembeh Dive Sites

Goby A’Crab

Goby A'CrabOne of the few Lembeh dive sites situated far south in Lembeh strait.

Excellent coral growth in the shallows, with a steep white sand slope below. Visibility is generally better than the dive sites situated in the middle of Lembeh strait.

A good mix of muck and coral species, though rarely exceptional in either category, this is still a site which always gets glowing reviews from divers.

Dante’s Wall

Goby A'CrabAt the very northern tip of Lembeh Island, this dive site has a beautiful wall going down to 30-35 metres, covered in black corals and sea fans. Where the wall ends at a slope, in the shallows there is small opening to a huge cave with shrimp, lobsters and flashlight fish.

California Dreaming

Underwater California DreamingA stunning site. This is a seamount out from the island of Pulau Putus. Twin peaks with a sand flat in between, the shallows are good for giant frogfish and tiny boxer crabs. The coral slopes down on either side, but the most exposed section is a series of steps formed by boulders and sand shelves which descend into the depths, covered with a kaleidoscope of soft corals making for Lembeh’s most colourful dive. Passing mackerel and tuna are the larger fare, but like most of Lembeh, the critters are the main draw, though at this site the scenery overwhelms the occupants.

Mawali Wreck

The Mawali WreckThe most popular wreck in the Strait, this huge WW2 Japanese freighter lies on her side, offering a coral-encrusted oasis. This is a very good nudibranch / flatworm dive, with huge scorpionfish and lionfish guaranteed. Also good for cuttlefish, ghost pipefish and mantis shrimps.

Magic Crack

The Magic CrabA continuance of the gentle sand slope, the highlight of this dive is a coral and rubble patch stretching from 12 – 27 meters and is the best place in Lembeh to find thorny seahorses – up to 7 in a dive. There is a good cleaning station, a strong nudibranch representation, frogfish, ribbon eels, ghost pipefish and it is also a good spot for wonderpus. In the shallows towards the bay is sand, but there is a healthy hard coral garden to the side, stretching southward out of the bay.

Angel’s Window

The Angel's WindowThe most popular of the island-side sites, this is a twin-peaked pinnacle that comes within a meter of the surface. A large cave offers a swim-through for divers on the deep end of the pinnacle. One side is a coral slope leveling out onto a sand flat at 15 meters and on the other side is a wall to a shelf at 8 meters, then a small plateau and another drop-off, down to 20-32 meters. This site offers schooling fish, numerous pygmy seahorses, leaf scorpionfish, Octopus cyanea, cuttlefish, nudibranchs and much more.

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