BCD Servicing

We can’t do scuba diving without a BCD. With modern technology and material used, BCDs have become more compact and durable. However, it is still important to do BCD servicing regularly.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! BCD servicing is significant, because substances, such as salt deposits and fine sand might accumulate in the valves, inflators or even inside the BCD jacket. When BCDs are exposed in chlorinated water, rubber and plastic parts would be damaged if BCSs were not cleaned properly. All these will cause serious damage to the BCD if your BCD servicing is not done at the recommended intervals.

What do we do for BCD servicing?

– Bladder and Jacket
– All releases, clips, buckles and straps
– Dump valves
– Leakage testing
– Inflator hose and buttons
– O-rings

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